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We are working hard behind the scenes to try and get our site up to date.   Since we took over we have removed some sites that unfortunetly have ceased to trade and yet the good news is that we have added another four or five.  It's great news for Nottinghamshire, two new sites are now listed. Nottinghamshire is a county that never has had a listing before, Give them a try!

Going forward we need your help. We need you to get our site up to date for all to enjoy the benefits of running on Bio Fuels.  Please help us by sending any news you have good or Bad about our industry. get in touch!


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The single purpose of this site is to provide a list of places in the UK where people can fill their diesel vehicle with Biodiesel. The list therefore includes all outlets not just conventional filling stations. The term "Biodiesel" has come to mean 2 things in the UK: either a mix of biodiesel (Eg. 5% blend with 95% normal diesel) or 100% pure biodiesel. Unfortunately this dual meaning can be misleading and lead to misunderstandings. The availability of 5% biodiesel is becoming common now as the government's Road Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) requires that the UK has 5% of biofuels across the nation soon. The RTFO has within it measures to ensure that all oil is sustainable sourced. This is to be welcomed and hopefully will evolve to have even stricter controls and lead to higher blends across the nation later. As the RTFO secures a 5% blend by law, this site will only list outlets which supply biodiesel of blends higher than 5%.

The Main Environmental Advantage is that Biodiesel is carbon neutral, so using 100% Biodiesel in your vehicle means you are not adding to the global warming crisis. Biodiesel does not add any carbon because it utilises the amount of carbon which naturally circulates between the atmosphere and the biosphere (photosynthesis). Conventional fossil diesel however, does add to the overall level of carbon by extracting carbon deposited in the geosphere (mineral deposits) and releasing it into the atmosphere. Unlike any other available and easily accessible fuel at this time Biodiesel also has the potential of being 100% carbon neutral in its lifecycle too.All that said, unfortunately there is now some biodiesel coming into the UK from unsustainable sources. That does not mean that we must abandon biodiesel as an alternative, however we must instead differentiate where the oil is sourced from - ask your supplier where their oil is sourced. Generally, only support it if the oil is grown within Europe or recycled.

If you know of any biodiesel outlets which aren't listed here (above 5% blends), please email us, and we'll try to add them to the website. Emails on other matters won't normally be answered, as our time is short and the work is voluntary - sorry!

If your primary motive to use biodiesel is to reduce your impact on global warming, then please have a look at this:

As you may know, electricity production usually accounts for at least 1/3 of all our carbon emissions whilst transport accounts for about 1/4. So, the single most effective and easiest way for any of us to reduce our carbon impact is to switch your electricity supply company to a company called "Good Energy". Good Energy is the only truly 100% renewable energy electricity supply company in the UK (although many claim to be). To verify this see the Fuel Disclosure Data on www.electricityinfo.org. If you switch to Good Energy and use 100% Biodiesel, you could reduce your impact by 60% - a target set by the UK government to be reached only in 2050 – by which time it may be too late for many species and people.

For more information or to sign up to Good Energy please click here

Call us on 0845 456 1640 or switch to Good Energy online

. . . . Now only listing outlets supplying blends of biodiesel in excess of 5% . . .

Cautionary Note: Biodiesel is suitable for use with any diesel vehicle designed for use with Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel but, being an organic fuel, is not compatible with oil-based paints or natural rubber fuel lines or other components fitted to generators or older vehicles. It will also flush long - term petrodiesel residues from fuel systems. Such users are advised to check compatibility prior to use (VW Group and many other manufacturers now conform to B100) or failing that be advised to check fuel filters after 500 miles. I have been running my fleet on it for over half a year (as at May 2002) and have had no problems caused by this fuel, only benefits. Adrian Lawton. Not suitable for all vehicles - consult vehicle manufacturer before use.